Sound Healing

Drums, bowls, and gongs are used in sound healing to induce a relaxed state – the opposite of the stress flight or fight response basically it’s like personal training to achieve a true meditative state.

Sound healing is rarely offered as a stand alone private service unless distance sound healing is requested. Although, sound healing is offered as part of most or all other services.

A typical in-person appointment consisted of energy assessment of chakra system, guided meditation inside copper pyramid, then continuing to treatment room on heated, crystal bed for reiki, sound healing, crystal healing, aromatherapy & reflexology.

All services are included at same cost. I make it affordable for people and work on a sliding scale ($75 – $125) with a portion of proceeds donated to 

Appointments take 90 minutes and also include oracle card read if client open to it. 

Most people come 2-4 times a year.

$75 – $125

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