Integrated Energy Therapy®

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) is a form of Energy Psychology designed to address and heal the ORIGIN of issues. It is the most powerful DNA activation/therapy system available because it provides permanent and radical expansion of your personal consciousness creating synergy between your charisma, drive, intuition and physical actions.

Rarely will IET be offered as a stand alone service unless distance IET is requested.

A typical in-person appointment consisted of energy assessment of chakra system, guided meditation inside copper pyramid, then continuing to treatment room on heated, crystal bed for reiki, IET, sound healing, crystal healing, aromatherapy & reflexology.

All services are included at same cost. I make it affordable for people and work on a sliding scale ($75 – $125) with a portion of proceeds donated to

Appointments take 90 minutes and also include oracle card read if client open to it.

Most people come 2-4 times a year

$75 – $125

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