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My name is Toni Chianetta

Toni Chianetta, MS RYT is a 3rd Generation Mystical Intuitive.

She uses these natural gifts alongside her studies and attunements in Reiki, Shamanism, Soundhealing Medicinal Aromatherapy, Reflexology, IET® and her Masters Degree in Nutrition from NYU to offer a truly holistic approach to ancient healing. Toni is the founder of Sanctuary Den where she empowers people to live confidently, spiritually and softly on our Mother Earth by teaching Sound Healing, IET®, Reiki, Dance, yoga, meditation, intuitive development and aerial silks.

Her journey began as a small child but then was ceased abruptly following her mother’s decision to move to a more non-secular structure of worship. However, following the loss of her younger sister Joie from Suicide in 2015, Toni sought out integrative modalities more in-line with her childhood experiences to heal grief and childhood trauma for herself. After experiencing the benefits in her own life she knew she had to offer all that had healed her. She is a Reiki Grand Master Teacher, an IET Master Instructor, a Sound Healer/teacher an Earthkeeper Shaman via transmission from the Q’ero of Peru.   It is rare for traditional shamans from South America to leave their villages and share their wisdom. This was unique opportunity for healing and renewal from the Prophecy Keepers of the Peruvian Andes. Great Spirit granted this special initiation as in 2016 the Inka understood that the prophecy foretelling the end of our time era, when the world will be turned right-side up and harmony and order restored was beginning.

Toni takes her work very serious but with a light heart emulating all the joy, awe, happiness and respect she witness in the Q’ero.  She donates a portion of her private healing appointment to nnmhf.org for the good work they do in supporting mental health awareness in youth in her sister Joie’s memory.

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